Queen Ant’s Landlord’s Insurance And Soldier Ant’s Tenancy Deposit Scheme

Our colony just experienced a major disaster, a class four typhoon completely wiped out our formicary. We lost everything and the ant hill was returned [...]

Legal How-To: Keeping Trespassers Off Your Property

Property owners often want to know how to keep trespassers off their land, while keeping themselves on the right side of the law. While there [...]

Do Your Board Members Pose a Security Risk?

When it comes to risk management, corporate board members may be surprised (and dismayed) to know that they themselves pose security risks to the business, [...]

Independent Contractor? IRS Looks at 20 Factors

How do you know if you’ve hired an independent contractor or an employee? The IRS has a nifty list of factors to help you figure [...]

‘The Good Wife’: Good Law? – Season 5, Episode 7

The latest episode of “The Good Wife” forayed into the crime drama realm with a classic “whodunnit?” storyline. The episode revolved around a quest for [...]

For Navy Yard Shooting Victim, $37.5M Claim Filed

Relatives of a Navy Yard shooting victim have filed a $37.5 million claim against the government, alleging their loved one’s death was partly due to [...]

MPAA Wants Piracy, Copyright Curriculum for Kids

Kids download the darndest things. That’s just one reason why the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) wants to teach kids about piracy and copyright [...]

5 Legal Tips Every Will Executor Should Know

Every will requires an executor to administer the wishes recorded by the testator. That’s why choosing an executor is crucial in planning your estate. But [...]

5 Common Questions About Courts-Martial

When military service members face courts-martial, they face many of the problems that criminal defendants face in civil courts. However, the military criminal system can [...]

Uncontested Divorce Basics: 5 Things to Consider

Thinking about getting an uncontested divorce? You’ll want to know some basics first. Many couples who are ready to end their marriage will pursue an [...]

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